Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's Poppin'.

Lipstick is a glam girl's best friend and for Poppy King, it is also a way of life. Ms. King is the gorgeous force of nature behind the cosmetics line Lipstick Queen. She's been creating pout-perfecting products since she was 18 and fresh out of high school in Melbourne, Australia. That means she knows her stuff. The Coveted featured her recently, and I realized that she's a face I've seen around the City many times. Let me tell you, her lipstick is always on and always perfect. She's a fan of animal print and a stellar knitter. She is petite, pretty, and hard to miss, even in crowded New York.

Her makeup has possibly the prettiest packaging I've ever seen and I'd drop the bigger-than-usual-bucks for it in a heartbeat. If you want what she's got, you can get it here.

1 comment:

ellastica said...

great photo and title post;)
i remember reading about her many years ago in VOGUE. i loved her betty page/marilyn mash-up then and now. for some reason i'm drawn to women who can pull off the red lipstick and nothin else look
(except say gwen you know who).