Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go-See: La Fille Sur Le Pont

Ok, so you won't really be able to actually go anywhere to see this film, because it's not playing in theaters. But, by all means queue it up on your Netflix and go to your living room and watch it. It is a gorgeous French film starring a very pixie/coquettish Vanessa Paradis and a set of circus knives. Black and white are done justice in the stylized (but still effortless enough) scenes. Basic plot? Girl jumps off bridge. Girl meets Man who throws knives. Man pretties her up. Man throws knives at her. Yep, that's the deal. Here are some clips to whet your appetite...

One of my favorite movie makeover montages ever:

A breath-inhibiting performance:

Baby, it's cold outside. Grab a blanket and be dazzled. Pretty things always warm me up.

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