Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!

What? You say it isn't your birthday? Well, it will certainly feel like it when you open The Hype Machine's year-end wrap-up called the Music Blog Zeitgeist 2008. It presents the top 50 songs, artists, and albums of the past year according to music blog mentions, and streams every single one for your listening pleasure. Full songs, full albums, and radio shows featuring interviews with the featured artists abound. Most of my favorite fashion/musica superstars (M.I.A., Jenny Lewis, Cat Power, and many more) are featured so I wanted to pass it along.

We know they can rock, but here are some of these ladies' most fabulous fashion moments:

M.I.A. photoshoots like a mofo:

Jenny Lewis has a seriously early '90s moment with some hats at the 4:00 mark:

Cat Power gigs at a Chanel show:

So, Happy Birthday to your ears, at least. Or, Happy Unbirthday, whatevs. Just listen, dance, and be happy. Put on a listen-dance-and-be-happy outfit while you're at it. That'll make me happy.

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