Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ok, so I was gone for the inauguration and I was going to wait for my viewing of the entire thing on my Dad's DVR tomorrow before I gave my Michelle Obama commentary, but I've received too many requests to keep quiet any longer. One word: chic. Two words: so smart.

Michelle is the kind of fashion icon that comes along so rarely. She is a classic with enough twist to make things look fresh, new, and exciting. I don't always absolutely love what she's wearing, but I do always love how she's wearing it. Her lemongrass Isabel Toledo dress and coat is so acutely fitting for the occasion and so precisely speaks the message of the new President. Its regal detailing gives it a sense of tradition and ceremony, while the color, the contrasting gloves and shoes, and the completely radiant makeup make it fresh and new and unstuffy. She's the real deal. She's gorgeous and dignified and so are her daughters, and of course our new President. Her Jason Wu ball gown was graceful and fanciful and flattering and had that same newness by virtue of his unknown status.

The reason I feel justified and not silly about focusing on her fashion (besides for how incredibly fun it is), is because it completely elucidates her smarts. She knows what's what, she knows how to say something with her sartorial choices. It's a talent that will only add to her political role. No one should underestimate how clothing influences peoples' impressions, ideas, and states of mind. It is a tool in her loaded box and she knows how to use it. She's a smart dressed woman.

As for the rest of the fashion on display during the inaugural festivities, Bill Cunningham gives the day and its public stars their most throughly compassionate due, and the Fug Girls take care of the rest of the celebs. Oh, and I vote a yes for Aretha's hat. Why not, you know?

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