Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cheap(er) Thrill: Steven Alan

Steven Alan has a pretty little shop on my almost daily walking route through the West Village and every time I pass the storefront I feel a little pang of want for what they've got. When I was in a wardrobe rut, a perfectly well meaning friend suggested I peruse the boutique and pick up some of the super-cute shirtdresses they are known for. That suggestion got me into the store, and the $265 price tags hanging off of the indeed super-cute shirt dresses started my unrequited love affair with the window. I would leave my hot breath on the glass a few days a week and keep walking. But recently, on a masochistic whim I went into the store and discovered that there were deep price cuts on most of the cute stuff. Springy shirtdresses weren't on the menu, but great coats were and they were 70% off.

The coats above are still not chump change, the anorak on the left is $89 and the wool pea coat on the right is $99, but compare that to original prices of $285 and $350, and you can see the source of my excitement. Coats (especially cute, well-fitting, practical, weather appropriate ones) are always a good investment. So this isn't the cheapest thrill you'll find, but it may be the smartest. The disappointing thing is that the stocks are limited and sizes are running out, but click above to get yourself one while you can. Also, be sure to check out the other deals in the sale section. Finally, a crush that came true!

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AK said...

Ooo I love that wool pea coat, you got a great deal! It's lovely!