Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheap Thrill: Sugar-Free Sweets

I'm all for love, I mean it makes the world go round, right? There is however one specific, kind of love-related challenge I face around this time of year. I don't partake of the sweeter things in life that go in one's mouth. No sugar for me. That means no chocolate, no sweetheart candies, no cherry cordials. No, please don't feel bad, this actually makes my life infinitely sweeter than it would be otherwise. Besides, I don't really miss it, well, except on days devoted to it, like a certain chocolatier's dream day called Valentine's that's right around the corner. V-Day is a minefield of melty madness for a sugar-free gal, so I figured I'd compile a sweet list of safe items from that will get you some lovin', and raise lip corners instead of blood sugar levels.

Faux-Coco Magnets ($12), and a Sprinkle Ring ($11)

Softie Heart Toy ($20), and some Lip Smackin' Bandages ($9)

A Lipstick Pen ($5)

Sugarless Girls need love too!

Click any image for ordering details and more information. Happy pre-V-Day.

1 comment:

Jenny Klein said...

cute! But those chocolates look too real...don't you think they'd get you in the mood for chocolate if you saw them every time you opened your fridge?