Monday, February 09, 2009

Swagga Like Her

MIA and her swagga at the Grammy Awards.

MIA is the type of girl girls need. I want to frame photos of her and put them up in school auditoriums across the nation. I want to nominate her for Secretary of Womanhood Done Right and appoint her to a Global Office of Girl Power. She's a singular sensation full of great beats and lyrics that slip substance in through the side door of catchy, clever, dancey songs. And she rocks a pregnant belly better than any mama-to-be I've seen in a long time. No one on the corner's got swagga like her: smart, gorgeous, feminine, tough, and totally unafraid to wear whatever the heck she feels like. I salute her. MIA 2016. Here's more evidence for my case:

I'm so happy that she is procreating.

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