Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monae Love

Janelle Monae caught my eye when she showed up to the Grammy Awards looking like something fresh, thrownback and other-timely with a twist of new. Then I checked out her music and she is all of those things. She's got a concept album about an android who falls in love with a human on the drop in a few months and your opportunity to climb aboard her space shuttle before it rocket launches is now. I'm loving her uniform of old school Little Richardesque suits and her pompadour bouffant. She's purdy but doesn't rest on her good looks, in fact she shakes so much frenetic booty at her live shows that I'm not sure if the word rest is in her vocab. And--drumroll please--her music is grrreat. See it for yourself:

Climb on board and buckle up, she's ready for takeoff.

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