Monday, February 09, 2009

Cheap Thrill: Yes We Cardigans!

I think cardigans are the fashion goddesses's gift to stylish girls who live in climates with four seasons. They are the perfect answer to the cold induced questions, "What do I wear when it's 17 degrees outside but a sweltering heat box inside?" Or, "What do I wear when the global warming kicks in and it's 53 degrees in the daytime and 27 degrees by 7pm?" Or, "What can I wear when I'm eating pizza on a ski lift?" Cardigans, I tell you! Cardigans. And, lucky for us there are sales galore on cute button-up sweaters. Check out these sweet steal deals from (ahem...) Delias and (ahem, ahem...) Alloy:

I know the photos are super cheesy, and I haven't shopped at dELiAs since I was Mom-drop-me-off-at-the-mall years old. But, all of these useful, layerable items are under $20 (some are even $7.99!) So click away and get ordering. That's an order.

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Jenny Klein said...

I want to wear it!