Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Put It On Your Head.

V&A is hosting a new show about British milliner extraordinaire, Stephen Jones, who has hat head in the best way possible. It's his God-given talent to festoon noggins with fancy, clever, spectacles of well-crafted head gear and he's been doing it brilliantly for years. The show, called "Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones" is a retrospective with some new pieces thrown in. The new pieces are fanciful Jones through and through.

Here, spend a few minutes with the man who made hats for Princess Diana and Boy George and regular folk who like lobsters on their heads. Also, joy of joys, meet some of his quirky team:

Want to participate in the eccentric British hat tradition in a safe, watered-down, nonthreatening American way? You can get some cute-as-candy hat-themed accessories created especially by the V&A to be gift shop saleable at the exhibit. You can have a hat headband or a hat hair clip or a collection of die-cut paper hats to make your brain house extra pretty.

They would all be perfect for your next fete-a-tete. Click any of the items above for ordering information.

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