Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuck Me In

You know how on MTV's Cribs there is always the inevitable scene where the featured celeb takes a running jump onto their bed and says, "This is where the magic happens!" Well, I've always secretly wanted to do that but first I need a magical bed. I'm in the process of pimping my sleep space and I'm half way there. I made a trip to Ikea yesterday and scooped up a very reasonable duvet cover. I picked up the Bibbi Snurr (I swear that half the reason why I love Ikea so, so much is due to the names I get to call things) with a Vila fitted sheet in purple to go underneath.

I like the Bibbi Snurr because it kind of looks like a cross between eyes, peacock feathers, and these swirly little doodles that I incessantly draw, and a purple sheet seemed eggplanty and passionate. I do love eggplant.

Now I need the accouterments. And, I know just where to get them. Genius screenprint mecca Reckon has many a great pillow that I'd love to lay my head on. Here are some I'm considering:

A little Audrey, maybe some John Cleese, or Tom Waits? I mean the options for sleeping companions are just fantastic. And, I'm pretty sure you could make a request to have any of the images featured in Reckon's repertoire turned into cushiony goodness. So, pick a partner and cozy up. If anyone knows the Cribs casting people, tell 'em I'm fun and I'm ready and my whole apartment is gilded in 24karat gold.

Click any image for more information.


laursn said...

make sure you stock your fridge with cristal and vitamin water!

Anna Yanofsky said...

PS a helpful jazz historian friend of mine informed me of the following:

"the pillow on the bottom left is Eric Dolphy, btw. Brilliant cutting edge, avant garde multi-instrumentalist of the early 1960s. He is shown there with a bass clarinet (also played alto sax and flute). Revolutionized jazz improvisation in the early 1960s. Died young, at 36 from diabetes. Alienated as many fans/critics/musicians as he converted, but captivated all none-the-less. He and his associates confronted traditions and bravely clawed at the walls erected by their predecessors."