Monday, February 09, 2009

One/One-Thousand: Steven Klein

Steven Klein creates photo shoots that are universes unto themselves. The stars of the photos look kind of familiar, but they are in some glossy, rich, dreamscape of a story. There are different rules of appearance, gravity, style, and substance. Someone as recognizable as Madonna becomes unknowable in a way. Someone as used to the lens as Naomi Campbell becomes a fresh character with depth. Klein's drama is a dark star. His work is fashion photography at it's brilliant best.

Klein has a new shoot on stands for the March issue of W starring Madonna in Rio.

Bleachyblondmuscleypoolboyawkward= Weird Beauty.

More photos here.


The Cherry Blog said...

Wow his photos are intense and striking, you are right - they make even the most famous of people slightly unrecogniseable! great post. xx

Jenny Klein said...

Yeah! That's my dad. Well, no, but they share a name.