Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Want To Eat It!

Ok, so you can't wear this--unless you count wearing it on your hips if your consumption gets out of control--but damn, you need to try it. Apparently God thinks we've been very good and has sent a little bit of heaven down to earth. You know how storefronts of Tasti-D-Lite all over the city have morphed into very similar looking places called TLC? I assumed it was just another version of the same crappy, chemical, crack-laced yogurt vendor where every brown flavor tastes like chocolate and every yellow flavor tastes like vanilla, and yet I still want to eat them like my life depends on it. Well, I was wrong. Now, I've only tried one flavor at TLC, but that's all I needed. Two words, one flavor: almond butter. It is a divine mix of the light vanilla ice cream blended with fresh, creamy, ground-on-the-spot almond butter. Dear lord, it's good. I got lost while eating it. Then I cried a little when it was gone. I have to say that I don't advocate consuming mass quantities of anything other than your leafy, green veggies (my mama raised me right!) and this post makes me feel a little like I'm a pusher on the corner, but try it. What do they say at the end of beer commercials? Drink responsibly? Well, eat responsibly.

Oh, and just so you know, even if it isn't on the list of flavors for the day you can still order the almond butter. They'll make it fresh for you! God bless them.

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