Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy Whammy

A few observations from the Iwanttowearit. deck:

1) You know how people are always trying to get their clothing onto celebrities? You know, companies send swag and then unabashedly post pics of celebs in their gear? Do you think anyone claims responsibility for Bai Ling's wears? I mean is this a feather in the cap of that giant bow dressmaker?

I kind of picture them shielding their faces and hiding from paprazzi. Although, they did make that dress to begin with. That is one crazy present I don't want to unwrap. For hours and hours and hours of entertainment check out Bai's blog. Yep.

2) I love how Paula Abdul just shows up at events and stands there like she's normal.

3) The ghost of Gwen Stefani's future:

I kid because I love. Cyndi Lauper is my Fairy Godmother.

4) Cutest couple at the prom:

5) Kiss her! Kiss her! You'll like it.

6) Apparently this dress cost Schwing Carrere $30 on eBay.

Should have been $15. And I had no idea eBay had an exotic-dancer-does-black-tie boutique. I have a wedding at the Bunny Ranch coming up soon. Good to know.

7) I want to curse JLo for ever wearing that Versace Grammys non-dress and making deep cleavage and crotch-cutting slits red carpet requirements for this event. JLo, curse you!

Wait, is that JLo? No, no. Tantastic Lisa Rinna at it again.

8) They look like tools. I love them, but they look like tools.
Adam Ant called. He wants his wardrobe back.

9) My favorite look of the night.

10) Yet again, MIA is the shiz.

And one for good luck) Adele you make me proud to have a little sumptin' sumptin' on my hips.

I love you and your incredible voice.

Done and done.

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La Cindy said...

MIA is straight up crazy.