Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes He Can.

Ok, so I'm still drooling over the Staerk collection in the post below, largely because of Shinji Nakaba's stunning brooches made of repurposed aluminum cans. I'm having a hard time focusing on anything else. I'm in a state of melting. I mean look at what he does with a Budweiser can:

It's like a metaphor for life. Like witnessing a beautiful blooming, a blossoming, a worm to a butterfly, dirt to diamonds, trash to treasure; it's like Ally Sheedy's Breakfast Club transformation from grungy, pathological liar to pretty-in-pink wrestler's girl....

Ok, I'll stop now. This is what happens when I'm really impressed. Do yourself a favor and check out more of Nakaba's work. It's restored my childlike enthusiasm for recycling.

Images are all from Shinji Nakaba's site.


gilda said...

hello, it was nice meeting you at ifb yesterday! (do you twitter?)

and i want shinji's ornament to put in my hair.

Matt Fox said...

Amazing. And the fact that it's repurposed "garbage"? Love it.