Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Show Me The Toni!

Yesterday was a momentous day in the Iwanttowearit. universe. I went to my first real-deal, sit in a seat on the side of a catwalk, press pit at the end of the runway, Patricia Field was there, beautiful, glittery, glammy fashion show. It was such a thrill, and I'm so honored that the stellar Toni Maticevski was my first! (Is it strange that I kind of feel like I should marry him now?)

The whole experience was fun from start to finish. It was a bit of a wait for start, but I was ever so sad when finish rolled around. When the lights first went dim and the base of the music kicked in, Maticevski's collection came floating, then stomping down the catwalk.

Longer sheer fabrics floated over shorter, shimmering skirts.

The black lace mini-dresses with patches of sequins were ideal examples of sexy, sparkly chic.

There were ethereal pieces that layered sheer fabrics over short sequined skirts, and gorgeous minidress combos of black lace and shimmering, silver. Maticevski's hallmark dreaminess with a huge, heaping helping of indulgent glamour was on display, but there was also an equal and opposite element of tough edge. With touches of tribal influences visible in the use of animal skin textured fabrics, fringe, and feathers it was clear that Toni had more on his mind than the romance he so sumptuously showed last season. He sent a few glamour warriors down the runway. The girls seemed ready to fight for their right to dress up. And these days, dressing up is more of a battle against money and mindset than ever.

Two of the collections edgier, glamazon looks.

When the show was finished I got a chance to briefly ask Sex and the City style queen Patricia Field her thoughts on the collection. She really loved the draping of the gowns and some of the sparklier elements. Queer Eye alum Carson Kressly was also in attendance and couldn't stop gushing about the texture of the collection. He was a fan of the sparkle too. We all love a good sparkle.

Pat Field (the red(er than red) head in the middle) taking in one of Maticevski's draped dresses.

Maticevski's talent and skill were on clear display, and with a recent win at the 2008 International Design Awards and a Grammy show appearance on the back of Sheryl Crow, that talent and skill are getting more exposure than ever. He's one to watch, and I'm so thrilled I got to watch up close and in person.

In case you can't tell from the blurring, I took these photos myself. I also took this video of the finale:

A beautiful, fashiony time was had by all.

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The Cherry Blog said...

Oh u lucky lucky thing! I bet it was awesome - u got to meet Patricia Fields - thats so fab!! great post! x