Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roy, Oh Roy.

Rachel Roy is a unique presence in the fashion industry. She's a successful female designer who started her fashion career behind the counters at '90s mall staple Contempo Casuals while still in high school in order to help her family pay the rent. Her father, a first generation immigrant from India, charged her room and board and thus instilled his gorgeous daughter with a work ethic that has always been her signature, second only to her smart design sense. Roy's style is singular and chic in a versatile way. Her pieces alone are practical and wearable for real women, but her sense of styling presents them as cool covetables for the young among her loyal fanbase. This season's collection is well structured, clean, and interesting in an easy way. The looks exude strong sexiness, aggressive femininity, and sophisticated cool.

Roy's multi-culti models rock the heck out of their black lips and bobs. These are have-it-your-way clothes. Stand and demand.

Photos: Don Ashby for

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