Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tick-Tock, Ya Don't Stop

Watches are so pre-celly aren't they? I haven't worn one in so long because at this point in my life I am glued to some sort of time-telling device at each second of my day, but I do miss making that looking-at-my-wrist action when someone asks what time it is. Therefore, I'm on the market for a new timepiece. How perfect is it that I stumbled upon Flud Fresh Watches?

I mean these are just oldschool cool squared. I'm not entirely sure I could pull these off, but the world is ending/just beginnging anyways so I might as well try, right? I'll be able to put the needle on the record or pump up the volume every minute of every day. It will make me at least as happy as watching this video does!

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