Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lost, Found

Chet Baker is someone whose image will live on indefinitely. He was equal parts incredibly handsome, incredibly talented, and sadly tragic. His hard drug addictions ultimately did him in, but in his prime, Baker was a sexy, smooth musician whose trumpet was more of an extension of his self than an external instrument. In the 1950s a young future fashion photographer extraordinaire named Bruce Weber caught sight of an album cover featuring Baker. Weber knew he had found a lasting subject. The two didn't actually meet until the '80s but became quick cohorts, shooting both photos and film together. Weber's footage of Baker was originally slated to be a three minute short about the musician, but evolved into Let's Get Lost, a telling documentary capturing the essence and demise of the preternaturally gifted horn blower through found footage and interviews with friends, family, and former lovers

Let's Get Lost © Non disponible

The film was released shortly after Baker's death. A DVD of the film was re-released in Europe in May of 2008 and you can get yourself a copy here. The gorgeous photos above were all taken by William Claxton.

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