Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Hearte Rodarte.

You all know by now that I want to be the third Mulleavy sister. In fact, I think I may be and they just don't know it. Anyways, their latest collection is collaged, layered, wrapped, and influenced by monsters. Just the way I like it. I'm worried that any more effusive declarations of love for them, in combo with the statements above, may qualify me for stalker status, so I'm going to just briefly share a few of my favorite highlights from the show here...

The orangey-red hair:

Which according to a NYTimes backstage photo, I could do at home with a can of spray stuff. Yay!!

The wicked Nickolas Kirkwood thigh-high, leather, strappy, wrappy boots.

Yum. They always have the hottest, most fetish-inspiring footwear of anyone. Kirkwood is a genius. I don't know how anyone walks in his shoes, but they look amazing. These do seem to require a bit of extra help though...

That's four, count 'em four, people wrapping the boots up that girl's legs. Four.

Of course, the clothing was amazing too. Textured, wrapped like the boots, and all marbled and mostly monochromatic.

Luck be a Rodarte dressed lady!

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