Thursday, February 05, 2009

Uh Oh, There Goes My Social Life!

How did I not know about The Selby? Actually, God, why did let me find The Selby now, in my vulnerable, way-too-much-free-time, down-market state? I'm never leaving the house because I'll be too busy looking at other peoples's places. Are you kidding me? Fascinating virtual tours of the inner sanctums of fascinating (chic, fun, creative, colorful, stylish, musical, talented, artistic) people? Friends, sorry if I don't call you for a few years...I'm looking at cool shiz on The Selby. Like this:

melia marden - chef; and frank sisti jr. aka kid america - filmmaker
at their home - east village new york - jan 12 2009

Warning! The Selby may be incredibly addictive to susceptible readers and may invoke feelings of acute agitation with both negative and positive effects. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to euphoria, intense jealousy, general casa envy, decor inspiration, perspiration, intense feelings of longing, hives, nauseating urges to poke overly styley people in the eyes, and in rare cases, calm. Use with caution.


The Cherry Blog said...

HaHa the Selby is pretty addictive!! Glad you found it! x

ellastica said...

yes i experience the aforementioned symptoms. esp intense jealously and awe.
how do they it? it's not just the stuff but the artistic, louche way it's all displayed and the entire layout and atmosphere of these homes that are amazing.
people's bathrooms and music collection makes it or breaks it for me. i'm big on lighting and hate presumptious in your face decor. like hanging a huge photo of someone's knockers in one's entry-way or living room.
michael stipe's pad is my most recent favorite. his place came across as a sincere, creative and indeed humble abode.

Neil said...

Love the Clueless reference.