Monday, February 02, 2009

Haute Tech

When I saw the new HP digital clutch designed by Vivianne Tam, I had to clutch my chest. It's such a pretty little thing. I mean talk about a fashion blogger's best friend, right? A gorgeous peony strewn internet troller/type tool designed by a top tier designer who gets that objects have to have soul. I'm in love. In fact, this is a Valentine's post come early: HP Digital Clutch, will you be my Valentine?

I know, I'm not usually the type to type about commercials, but man oh man, that is a gorgeous piece of fashiony tech. Mmmmm.


Paint It Noir said...

i MUST have one of these!! awesome!

Lorrie said...

I not only want it...I NEED it. Just imagine how eloquent my comments would be if I was typing on one!