Sunday, September 13, 2009

Androgynous Android.

Davidelfin's minty fresh showing was a little, um, weird. I'm not knocking weird. I love weird. I'm just saying, it was special. It was even more special thanks to the presence of this being who fit right into the weirdness.

Who is this broad shouldered, strong-jawed, redhead? Did she arrive from ET's den just for Davidelfin's show only to be teleported back to space as soon as the last mint green ensemble strutted the runway? No, sillies. That's model Eleonora Bose. She hails from Madrid and has actually had a long career of modelling for many a big name in fashion. I guess I've never seen her be quite so visible and striking before. The mint green/flame red contrast of her spin on the Davidelfin runway really caught my eye. Here are some shots of the boyish Bose in previous gigs:

She also goes by the name Bimba, but something tells me she's tougher than your average bimbo. A model who throws punches and can out boy the boys on the runway? I like it. By the way, here are the men who stalked the runway with Bose:

Told ya she out-boyed 'em. Nice shorty shorts, Scooter!

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