Monday, September 07, 2009

Let's Trade Stuff.

I've been craving getting a little analog in this digital world and I found a way to do it, but I need help. I need volunteers! Participants! Willing players! I want to make use of the good old mail system for creative purposes. I love getting mail, who doesn't, right? It literally makes me giddy. So, I discovered this thing called matchbox swapping and I really want to try it out. You take a regular, little matchbox and stuff it with tiny items that you find that are small enough to fit inside. You can choose a theme for the items (kitties! mermaids! shoes!) or a color, or anything really, and once you've stuffed it, you trade it with someone you like (like me, maybe??). Here's a video of a stuffing in action:

You could do the trade in person I suppose, but I think the mail is much more exciting. So, who's down for a little stuff and trade? Here are some more boxes to inspire you via a Flickr pool dedicated to the art of matchbox stuffing.

You wanna? Let's do it! Please? Don't make me beg...

1 comment:

Madeline said...

OK. as though I haven't stalked your site enough this evening.. I WANNA STUFF A MATCHBOX!