Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Want To Join The Hair Circus.

The team of stylists at Lisbon's Wip Hairport.

Secret revealing time: I've always secretly wanted to rock really unbelievably radical hairstyles. I had this obsession for a long time with parking my booty in an old school beauty shop seat for hours and not getting up until my very dedicated hairdresser had braided my entire mane into long ass, bright blue braids. Then, I wanted an asymmetrical mullet cut like all the cool kids I saw in Madrid, and recently I've been obsessing over the idea of a platinum pixie crop. But, sadly (or gladly?) none of these ideas have ever come to fruition and have remained inside my head instead of on my head. If, however, I do decide to go haircut crazy, I know exactly where I'll run away to...Lisbon! Check out the amazing hair art happening at the Wip Hairport there! It's like an amazing haircut commune, or a circus of follicle sculpture! Their work is blowing my mind.

Look at those skillz! I mean the color and cuts are so interestingly old school with a fresh twist. I don't think I have the balls (or eggs) to carve squiggles into my head or go quite so asymmetrical, but I've got nothing but respect for the people who do! Amazing.

All images are from Wip Hairport's Flickr photostream.

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