Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Wee Blogger.

Ok, I'm coming really clean: I've known about Tavi, the 13 year old fashion blogger for about a year now but I've ignored her. I've simply pushed her existence aside in what I can only humbly call a raging ego trip of jealousy, but I can misbehave no longer. The wee one is a sensation and I'm now secure enough in my non-13-year-oldness to acknowledge her undeniable talents.

Tavi's outfits.

Tavi's blog, Style Rookie, or Tavi-The New Girl In Town, is a mosh of snaps of her own outfits, her sources of inspiration, her self-scribed 'zine pages, and all the things she finds rad in the world. And, I, well, I love it. I guess because the girl is so charming, she smothers any of my fiery jell-o-c (SHE HUNG OUT WITH KATE AND LAURA MULLEAVY FOR A WHOLE DAY!!!) in cute, glorious, innate fashionableness.

Tavi hangin' with the Mulleavy Sisters of Rodarte.

Pages from a Tavi-made zine.

Tavi's only Bar Mitzvah age and she already knows who Rei Kawakubo is. I did too at that age, so I totally know where the girl is coming from. I want to appeal to ration and say that I think the child needs an age-appropriate hobby or existence, and that she's too young to be a fashion industry darling, but I think all chances of that have been flying out the window for some time now. When your 13 year old is well versed in the films of John Waters, the music of Bob Dylan, the designs of Hussein Chalayan, and the art of the galaxies, I think you just accept that you have an old soul for a kid and go with it. At 13 she's about a year shy of model age and she's obviously enjoying herself. Who knows, maybe fashion blogging is just the millennial dress up.

Tavi with one of her fave Bob Dylan albums.

Tavi, I applaud you. You are a star. I will no longer smite you with ignorance, instead I will sing your praises. Rock on little lady, rock on.

All images from Style Rookie.

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