Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Closet Case: KidA/ Anni. T

This Kid rocks.

Rising music star Anni T. (aka KidA) chillin' in one of her favorite hats.

Kid A, known in her college classrooms as Anni T., is a musical maven with talents to spare. Her fresh take on loops and hooks has her climbing the ranks of radio's hottest stations. Nic Harcourt, a veritable god among dj's, spun her song wasnotwas on his KCRW show and I couldn't stop the quick tumble I took into love with it. The sweet vocals of the singer were cut by the beat's edge of electronic fits and starts in such a smooth way that putting the song on loop seemed like the best idea ever for days. When I searched out the song's video, its star shone even brighter on camera than on radio.

In a sparkly haze of purple sequins, KidA rocked a lo-fi video in high style. I knew instantly that anyone who owned a solidly sequined top and asymmetrical haircut with as much "and what?" was a prime candidate for a Closet Case. So, a little e-intro and ask took place and Anni agreed to let me into her closet. There was only one little problem...she lives in Virginia. That's pretty far from NYC. Just when I thought a trip through her wardrobe was a lost cause, a little internet magic and a very willing subject (thanks Kid!) came to the rescue. And now I introduce my first Collabo Closet Case! I did the writing and Anni snapped the wonderful photos herself.

Thrifting is another of Anni's many talents. She scours Richmond, VA for good secondhand goods.

The girl has a thing for sequins.

Turns out Anni's just as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of it. Her major at Hollins University is in film. She shoots, edits, and scores her own shorts for class. In fact, she and a friend made good use of their Hollins education and shot the purple hazy video for wasnotwas in a night long session before finals.

Anni's '80s-inspired wardrobe features odes to Andie Walsh, David Bowie, The Cure, and her Grandma who gave her that amazing owl necklace.

What's a wicked wardrobe without some leopard leggings? Love the red lips!

Music has been in Anni's life since she was a wee one. She grew up in a house filled with music lovers, and although none of them were professionals, they were all very encouraging of Anni's musical ambitions. She would gather the family and friends for impromptu shows whenever she got the chance. Outfitted in her favorite childhood Osh Kosh B'gosh overalls (pink and turquoise of course) or floral dresses with jelly sandals, a kid-aged KidA entertained the household and wowed 'em.

A young KidA rockin' a floral print dress!

Now that she's a little older, KidA still looks back to her days as a kid for inspiration in her music and her style. The '80s are all over her closet and her sound. In fact she's had an obsession with the mega-me decade for a while now. Anni had a taste for tights, flashy colors, shaped hair, and everything Pretty in Pink's Andie Walsh long before it became a mainstay of the mainstream. Anni's collection of boldly patterned tops, dresses, Nike high dunks, and hats hearken back to a time she'd barely be old enough to remember. I think that's an obvious sign that KidA is an old soul meant to do what she does: rock and style.

Besides for secondhand shops, Anni also hits up ultra cool Rumors in Richmond when she gets the chance.

Anni's approach to her music is similar to her style. She mixes the old with the new and does most of the work by fiddling away herself. Before being discovered by producers and gaining access to a real recording studio, Anni made music in the back room of her Grandma's house, flying solo. With a similarly unique vision, most of Anni's outfits combine hard hunted thrift finds with a few shiny new elements. It's all mixed together with assistance only from Anni's keen eye for what works and guided solely by her mood. Well, that and her aforementioned Molly Ringwald inspo.

Anni's Nike High Dunks and a collection of her favorite accessories.

Anni's music took a circuitous route to radio, but it's picking up play in some unlikely spots. When a flow of cool kids from Mexico City started friending her on Facebook, Anni realized a dj at a college station there had her song on heavy rotation. In the face of burgeoning success Anni couldn't be more grateful or gracious. Her sweetness is as impressive and abundant as her innate talents. KidA's musical star is on the rise and her style's the added rocket fuel. Check out her video, her website, her Twitter page, and her iTunes spot. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks so much to Anni for taking the wonderful photos and graphics!

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