Monday, September 28, 2009

Are You Ready For Paris?

You have a little over 36 hours until the Paris portion of fashion month begins. I suggest you brush up in the following ways:

1) Watch this video of Nicholas Kirkwood's Autumn/Winter 2009 line of shoes and then see how many pairs you see on actual editors/models/insiders at the shows. I bet you there's a near one-for-one match!

Did that make you feel dirty? Inexplicably in need of something delightfully wholesome? Move on to two quick...

2) Here's a Warhol-esque screen test featuring Kaiser Karl. Who's more Paris than Karl?

Wait, that didn't make you feel better did it? Maybe you feel worse. Um, here, move on to #3.

3) Watch Anthony Bourdain wait for that most Parisienne staple of life, a baguette freshly made in a boulangerie:

Wait, this is fashion week...nobody eats. Sorry! No bread for you!

4) Ok, why don't you go shopping at Paris's tre magnifique boutique Colette.

I could listen to that man talk for hours. I especially loved how he said "hoodie" at the 4:57 mark. Ooooodies.

5) Last, but not for a second least, take a tour of Alice's Paris apartment.

I have no idea who Alice is, but I thoroughly enjoyed that.

There. Do you feel more prepared for Paris fashion week? Me neither, but that was fun!

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