Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not What I Expected, But Perfect!

Jak and Jil Blog is required reading in this section of the Internet woods, but it's not like required reading from your high school days, you'll love it I promise. The blog is photographer Tommy Ton's visual journal of all the fashionable things he sees with his fantastic lensman's eye. His taste veers towards the quirky with high style, punky edges. In fact, the site has a darkness and a slickness that made me picture Tommy Ton as a sort of cybered-out, electro-goth kid. As is the case with most of my favorite streetstyle bloggers, I had never seen a pic of Tommy, but I thought for sure he'd be a pale, lanky, cooler-than-thou Euro kid decked out in head to toe black with silver stud embellishments. Well, I was wrong about everything except the studs...

Introducing Mr. Tommy Ton:

How cute is he? How approachable and trustworthy and non-fashiony does he look? That's meant in the highest praise ever. I love it. Yes, those are studded Christian Louboutin loafers on his feet, but there is no black, lanky, skinny, gothiness here. It's all heart, I can tell. He loves fashion and it shows. I so totally am in even more love with Jak and Jil Blog now. If you don't already follow it, you must. I insist.

You can check out this photo of Tommy, and a breif interview with him about his style over at Papermag.com where he was the subject of the site's excellent feature "A Quick Chit-Chat".

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