Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Interrupt Fashion Week To Bring You...

...The VMAs.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Kanye, how many times a day would you say you kiss your own ass? Like, a million? How dare you embarrass Queen B like that! She looked shocked and disgusted by your ridiculousness. Also, you and Amber looked a do I say this delicately? Oh, that's right. I don't need to say it delicately cuz' yer kind of an ass...trashy. Maybe it's the Henny?

2) Nelly Furtado, you looked fabulous!

3) Someone's getting fired!

Although, it's hard to imagine that this sort of double dress thing would happen to two huge stars at a huge event by accident in this day and age. Maybe it was planned because they knew they would get tons of press off of it.

4) AAACK!!!

I read this interview with Lady Gaga where she said she would do lines of coke and dance around her apartment in front of the mirror for hours while writing her songs. Maybe that's why she dresses like this? Believe me, I'm all for freedom of expression, but she has absolutely no sense of humor about herself and that makes me uncomfortable when I look at her in get-ups as freaky as the ones she donned tonight. I mean the Lady sings songs about disco sticks and then fakes her own death as serious as a heart attack with backup dancers donning face thongs. It's just strange. Also, she's besties with Perez Hilton. That make me suspicious of her.

5) Madonna and Janet did an amazing job of eulogizing MJ. Madonna let her cyborg melt just enough to squeak out real, moving, human emotion and Janet rocked it out like a champ at the 4 minute mark of this tribute:

I almost cried when she did the Scream dance with Michael's video image. It was perfect.

That's all I have to say about all that.

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nicole s. said...

there were definitely misty eyes in our apartment during janet's tribute dance. also, i want a "many faces of lady gaga" calendar stat.