Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Respect Your Elders: Iris Apfel.

In fashion there are only a handful of people who can defy every rule, every standard, every purportedly perfect method of dress and still light the world up with their natural born sartorial skills. One member of that very small club has been popping up a lot on the fashion scene this season and she deserves every bit of attention she's getting. Ms. Iris Apfel is a rare bird indeed, an oldschool New Yorker with taste that repels the mere notion of categorization.

Iris snapped by Yvan Rodic at the New York shows.

She's 87, an accomplished, lauded veteran of the Interior Design profession, and the co-founder of the highly reputed textile company Old World Weavers. Her signature round spectacles and a penchant for copious accessories has made her the toast of fashion town for years now.

The lady's got balls. (Sorry, I had to.)

Iris with her husband Carl, who she also dresses.

She's a true original and one of the only living fashion legends to have been honored with a wardrobe retrospective at the Costume Institute at the Met. Loves her.

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