Monday, September 14, 2009

This Is The Turning Point.

This is the point in Fashion Week where two seemingly contradictory things happen: fatigue starts to set in, and excitement bubbles up. The fatigue is a humbling thing for any fashion lover to admit. Yes, I am in a certain state of bliss in the midst of Fashion Week, where I'm constantly introducing my peaked senses to new streams of stimulation via the internet, people watching, and paper press coverage. Yet, I can only assume it's natural and universal to tire of the torrent at the midpoint, and I have. I think of Fashion Week as a marathon. Despite my deep love for it, it inevitably requires motivators to get me through. Just when I'm feeling overloaded with the new, now, next, shiny, bright, buzzing a certain necessary synthesis starts to creep into the swirl. All of the sudden, at the half way point, trends begin emerging and solidifying. Lines are traced through the collections and themes are coming to seem universal. I guess it's a natural human need to want clarity and connection between things. I'm a creature of instinct and categorizing, organizing, and storyboarding are safety making for me. So I'm thrilled that things are settling in a bit. It may take me minute to put it all into words, but I'm getting the ideas. Here's a taste: baggy stockings, black is the new spring, friller, show me your body, hide your body, flatfooted, toga party. It's coming together. I swear.

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