Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Start Studying.

I love this year's NYFW (that's New York Fashion Week, y'all) website. It's so cute with all of that luggage. You only have until Thursday to sync your iCal with the Fashion Week schedule so I suggest you peruse the site and get familiar with the who, what, when, and where. Even if you aren't officially invited to any of the events on the list, there is nothing like people watching around Bryant Park when the big shows are running. Last year I found the sweet spot for celeb sighting and because I'm a nice fashion blogger, I'll share it with you...

It's the entrance to the park right near the Bryant Park Grill, 32 West 40th street. Consult the list, pick a show, snag a spot, and strap on your celeb watching goggles. At the very least you'll probably be able to spot a Gossip Girl or two. Don't ever say I never told ya nothin'.

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