Friday, September 04, 2009

Twitter Break Up: Love Gone Sour

I should have known better. Just shy of a week after signing up to follow Courtney Love on Twitter I have decided to pull the virtual plug and unfollow her. I felt like I was in an abusive relationship. My normally entertaining feed would be filled with endless misspelled/unintelligible/mispunctuated rants and raves that looked like they were typed by a double amputee monkey on a touch screen. Like thirty tweets in a row. I felt abused and misused. So, I'm recanting my previous endorsement of following her for any reason, even though her fashion sense might be a tad interesting. Don't do it. You'll just wanna un do it. Sorry if I led any of you astray.

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queengilda said...

all i wanna say is, ME TOO. i don't follow any other celebrities... oh wait, i follow oprah. but i thought i'd follow courtney and see if i like her. eww big mistake yo. i unfollowed her sometime last week. our "relationship" didn't last a week.