Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Scene, Less Scenesters.

The Face Hunter, better known to his Mama as Yvan Rodic, has started an eponymous sister site to his scenester sighting web mecca. The new(ish) platform is a showcase of large photos sans ads, or anything really besides a dutiful reporting of the date, place, and perhaps the event being photographed. It's a treasure trove of visual mementos from Rodic's treks as a leading fashion eye. The site features more scene photos than straight on shots of the outfits of hipper-than-you, pretty-as-hell boys and girls. The effect is a stream of dream-like images, a keyed-in tour of places and the people and things that inhabit them. Rodic's signature vanishing points are still there, but so are close ups of faces and peopleless cityscapes.

Don't you feel like you've been somewhere?

A warning: Rodic's site transmits a lot of data and I've experienced that it can be slow to load, but it's worth the wait.

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Rahul said...

Amazing! And I love that Respect Your Elders is going to be a semi-regular feature.