Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok, I'm putting my foot down! Models need an advocate, and I'm signing up! Not only is the average age of the catwalkers a mere 16 years old, but now the youngsters are being attacked backstage! Look at the photos of the prep they go through:

I keep seeing shots of this kind of backstage multi-tasking torture and I can't help but think that this has to be terrifying for the tall, skinny, women-children. They are at the center of a stylist swarm! I mean, how can that even be efficient? I feel like there are only so many hands that can fit on a head/face and still be able to do their thing the right way. The poor girls are being attacked! They endure this numerous, numerous times a day for a whole month. The models seem to just close their eyes and take it. This can't be good for them. Hmmm, maybe we could train this lady to do hair and makeup?

Then at least there would be less nostrils breathing on the models and just one friendly, non-frazzled face to stare into. (If only she was real...) Click that image to have your mind absolutely effing blown by the performance that picture comes from. Do it! Actually, just watch it here. It's amazing.

Hmph. I wish I had that many arms. Well, actually that may be a careful what you wish for kind of scenario.

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