Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mobama Daily.

I see a picture like this, and even in the face of great economic uncertainty, health care upheaval, war, and famine, I think to myself, "Well, at least something is right in the world."

Look at this family! Coordinated, styled--yet chic with an easy air of effortlessness. I mean, that right there is a family fashion phenomenon. And, on the chance of sounding remarkably single-minded and naive, I will admit that it makes me feel better about life. I can't help it, it just does. That, my fellow fashion fiending friends, is why I am so grateful to New York Magazine.

With all do respect to Mrs. Obama, she's like a dream Barbie! She goes into any situation dressed and accessorized perfectly with a big brain, a real body, and amazing taste in footwear (those are Lanvin sneakers up there, and check out those Martin Margiela shoes top center. They're like half men's loafers, half sandal, and fully wonderful.)

Right there on the site of my very favorite weekly magazine (Screw you, US!) is The Michelle Obama Look Book, an oft-updated slideshow of the First Lady's sartorial choices. Flip through and you will see the unfolding tale of a very gifted, regal woman in which our heroine dons dresses by Rodarte, Tracy Feith, Sophie Theallet, Target, Talbot, and Moschino; in which she slides on Lanvin sneakers and Gap pants; where she digs in the garden and hikes and doles out awards, all the while looking like the embodiment of what American fashion always wanted to be but never had the spokesperson for. She's the new American sensibility, with her eclectic mix of high and low, with her patterns and solids worn in perfect proportion. She's gorgeous and grand and definitely worth checking in on every single day of her tenure in the White House. While MObama's fashion savvy is not news, I just had to pause and say thanks, oh vigilant nymag.com. Thanks for keeping her brilliance so evident and organized. Thanks.

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