Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Time.

Bloggers as front row denizens. The desk and the laptops were courtesy of D&G.

It's happened. The big fashion bloggers have invaded the front row. Garance Dore, Tommy Ton, Bryan Boy, and Scott Schuman displaced some of the regular top tier fashion folks in the prime spots lining the runway at the D&G show. With a desk and four laptops at the ready, the fab four were able to insta-blog the procession. This is a sea change. Yes, bloggers have increased their presence at Fashion Week, but to be stationed in the coveted front row while buyers and paper editorial directors are now seated second and third tier, is a significant shift. It's kind of exciting to be witnessing the emergence of a new era. I for one am proud of them, even though it seems that this placement ruffled some feathers.

Fashion 2.0: Bryan Boy, Scott Schuman, Garance Dore, and Tommy Ton.

The thing that I love about the bloggers who got the spots is that at least three of them are supremely talented. Their sites are photography-based and have given fashion fandom a fresh way to see the world they were coming to take for granted (sorry Baboosh!, even though I admire your style, it's just not my thing, ok?). I do find it interesting though that none of them actually blogged any immediate content during the show. I'm betting that's what D&G were hoping for.

Um, P.S., did you know that The Sartorialist and Garance Dore are a couple? Last I checked he was married with children. But, I guess that's changed:

That's one Sartorial style smooch. The only thing I have to say is that this quote that Scott gave recently is a little uncharacteristically tasteless:

TMI Scotty, TMI!

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