Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black Is The New Spring.

The Spring season is usually chock full of cheery colors, be it pleasant pastels, saturated citrus hues, or bright primaries, but black is usually on the back burner. I mean it's a non-season specific wardrobe staple, especially here in New York City, but Spring shows rarely feature it with any regularity. The truth is though, that black is one of the strongest selling colors for most designers. It's the basic that doesn't go out of style, and now that we are on a recession budget, it makes sense that the Spring 2010 runways look a little darker than usual. Thakoon's show in particular made a great use of black.

His combo of flowery, feminine prints and bright solids are set in high contrast with the basic black elements of his collection. From small, smoldering touches to blackout dresses, the hue plays a major role in his collection. But this is no simple issue of black and white, Thakoon's warrior look presents black as a fresh option for Spring, not that same old solid. Yes, it's dependable, but put that piece of black with a draped smack of Thakoon color and you have a knockout look. Wahhhhttchhhaaa!

From splashes to solids in Thakoon's blackened collection.

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