Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Lookin' Out For My Girls.

The Sisters Mulleavy should be secure in their fashion world standing, and I'm not saying that they need my protection at all, but I've got their back. In my humble opinion CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominees Ohne Titel are encroaching quite strongly on the universe of Rodarte.

Looks from Ohne Titel's 2010 Spring show.

Lookin' a bit like some past seasons of Rodarte, no?

Ultimately Kate and Laura should take this as a sort of sincerest form of flattery. Fashion is a universe of ideas where nothing exists in a vacuum and everything is up for grabs and refits and reuse. There's nothing wrong with some borrowing. I just can't believe I haven't heard anybody raise the issue. Don't worry Sisters, I'm on it.

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