Monday, September 28, 2009

Where Are The Wild Things?

They are in your closet! Or, well at least they can be. Right now they are in Opening Ceremony, waiting for you to try them on.

Director Spike Jonze's highly anticipated cinematic version of Maurice Sendak's beloved tale is on it's way to theaters, and the backs of the hipper-than-thou with a little change to spare. Jonze collaborated with the boutique du jour to create a line of wearable wild things. There are fur coats, boxy, shaggy dresses, a fuzzy skirt, and even a Max suit.

Don't worry kind souls, no Wild Things were harmed in the making of this line: the fur is faux. The piece de resistance is the story's signature cuddly suit that mi amiga Nicole is pining after (she's a children's librarian, the fascination is way justified!).

She'd make a great Max, but at $610, I think the fun factor of the get-up is outweighed by the funds factor. If Maurice had a say, I'm sure the Max costumes would be free for all the young and the young-ish at heart.

Here's the soundtrack. Karen O and the Kids! I can't wait to see this darn movie!!!

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

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