Monday, September 14, 2009

Times Ten.

As a fashion blogger I'm always looking for the best way to see the shows from my couch office. Of course's coverage is the most comprehensive. They get every show from every angle covering beauty, backstage, front row, and detail shots for nearly every designer as fashion week progresses. I'd be nothing without them. But, The New York Times has something that is proving to be an even more valuable tool, a nice zoom feature. Head on over to their site and see every look from a good selection of shows in a nice, large view with the click and drag of your mouse.

Take images from standard size to magnified with the Times feature.

It's amazing how much the texture, color, and materials pop to life when they are a bit bigger. I'm loving the amount of detail I can see.

Click the images above to check out the magnified view over at the Times Fashion and Style section.

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