Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Much Better.

The only thing that didn't confuse me about Costello Tagliapietra in previous seasons was their label as the cutest bears in fashion. I mean, look at them:

They certainly are adorable. Their collections, however, were not. I didn't get it. They were so hyped and yet looks like this seemed to negate any positive thing I read about their design talents:

Those looks make me a little gaggy. Leather and picnic prints? Shiny fuchsia and washed silk raspberry? Yeesh. Not so pleasing to the Anna eyes. This season, however, they've turned out a collection that restores my faith in their abilities. Cute, but by no means cutesy, dresses with leather boy shoes that clear up some of my confusion.

I love those. Theytime travel (think '40s) with a modern simplicity that makes them perfect for today. The big boys even did some interesting flower-inspired dresses that are a bit less simple, but still within the bounds of great taste.

The print is from digital photos that the designers took and translated onto fabric. The results are feminine and pretty but the palette and the skilled draping keep them in sophisticated territory. Nice work, gentlemen. I get it now. For now. Just don't assault me again with crazy next season. I won't be happy.

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